Tech9 provides differing SharePoint services depending on your business needs. We deliver SharePoint intranets according to the following service options:

Standard built-in workflows

These workflows are used commonly to automate document flow process within departments and teams


This workflow routes a document or item to a group of people for approval. This kind of Approval workflow is associated with the Document content type, and thus it will be configured to automate document libraries


This workflow routes a document or item to a group of people for feedback. Reviewers can provide feedback, which is then compiled and sent to the person who initiated the workflow


This workflow routes a Microsoft Office document to a group of people to collect their digital signatures. Participants must complete their signature tasks by adding their digital signature to the document in the relevant MS Office program


This workflow is similar to the Approval workflow in that it automates the routing of content to subject matter experts and stakeholders for review and approval. We design specifically for publishing sites that should be under control


This workflow can be used to manage business processes that require organizations to track a high volume of issues or items, such as customer support issues, sales leads, or project tasks