Tech9 provides differing SharePoint services depending on your business needs. We deliver SharePoint intranets according to the following service options:


We create custom SharePoint intranets to enable enterprise wide collaboration and facilitate internal business processes. We focus on keeping the right balance between SharePoint features that enable working activities and those that foster social life, engage employees and promote corporate values.


We help organizations establish long-term relationships with their vendors and business partners, enabling secure multilateral collaboration on SharePoint based B2B portals. It connects internal and external users on a single communication platform and let them collaborate on various types of content


Tech9 delivers SharePoint based customer portals for any sized organizations. Built with SharePoint standard functionalities and custom features. Our customer portals help organizations facilitate and personalize B2C communication, engage customers and win their loyalty, as well as follow customer’s needs and address them with suitable services and products


We build specialized SharePoint learning portals to simplify internal and external learning processes. These fined-tuned portals equip users with diversified learning materials and training sessions, learning analytics, competence management capabilities and more. Using learning portals, organizations cannot just manage all the learning activities, but also implement personalized training programs