Tech9 provides differing SharePoint services depending on your business needs. We deliver SharePoint intranets according to the following service options:


  • On-premises (SharePoint Server 2013, 2016 or 2019)
  • Cloud (SharePoint Online)
  • Hybrid


  • From existing SharePoint to newly branded SharePoint
  • From Third-party platform to SharePoint on-premises & Online


  • Branding of a newly launched intranet
  • Redesigning of an outdated intranet
  • Designing of particular intranet components

Intranet Capabilities we offer
We aim at increasing the value of each SharePoint feature and making end users spend less effort on everyday tasks with better results. To achieve that, we build up SharePoint intranets for:

  • Collaboration without limits
  • Excelling at projects
  • Reaching for information & People
  • Spreading corporate knowledge
  • Sense of community
  • Staying productive anytime & anywhere

SharePoint Intranet Benefits we guarantee
SharePoint intranet is a complex structure where each component defines the success of the entire solution. That is why when implementing a SharePoint intranet; we pay particular attention to ensuring

  • User Adoption
  • Data Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Accessibility