As to the startling business pace rapidly raises and for the document management at enterprise level requires to be set for easy accessible, readable, sharing, maintain versioning are in very high demand. We offer standard & customized document management system to ensure the central document storage, its re-usability & maintain versioning with all check-ins & outs and extensibility to workflows to preserve employee collaboration with their authorities.

Document storing & structuring: DMS supports to arrange multiple documents into a pre-defined system of folders and lists
Support for various file types: The platform supports all common file types (.docx, .pdf, .pptx, etc.) and can be extended to special file extensions
Document workflows: Tech9 develops document workflows to ensure effective and hierarchical document circulation across the enterprise
Multilingual support: Tech9 customizes the collaboration of document readers and customers with different languages

Easy document sharing: We develop the system in a way where every user can share document with respective users using various devices
Real-time co-authoring: It allows users to collaborate with colleagues on Word, Excel & PowerPoint in real time without document replication
Document versioning: We configure to maintain document versions & track all the changes made in a doc with retrieval of previous documents
Secure work with sensitive data: We ensure to built-in data loss prevention features, it will alert if document is created or shared containing sensitive data

Multi device document access:
Tech9 makes DMS available on PC, tablet or smartphone equally well to access and share among other users
Offline access to documents: It enables organization to keep working on documents even if it goes offline, it will be synced once it is online
Universal search: Tech9 configure extensive search mechanism which allows users to find their relevant document in seconds
Long-term document archiving: We will make archiving mechanism allows organization to archive documents and enable restoration process

SharePoint Implementation Capabilities:

  • On-Premises
  • SharePoint Online
  • Office 365